NHL Trade Deadline 2017

As always, some trades that occur on or near the NHL’s Trade Deadline are shocking to the public. This year was no different. Some teams are trying to make a playoff push and become buyers near the deadline, but by the end of the day, some teams bluff as sellers and keep their players.


Although this deadline was a little slower and less entertaining compared to past deadlines, there were still some significant trades made. It is understandable why teams were not trying to make a big trade this deadline, with the expansion draft coming. Teams did not want to trade for a player and have to worry about losing him to Las Vegas.
Vegas Golden Knights
Photo Courtesy of mynews4.com
Most likely the biggest trade of the deadline, actually came before March 1st. The St. Louis Blues sent Kevin Shattenkirk to the Washington Capitals. Coming into the deadline, everyone knew that the Blues would be parting ways with Shattenkirk, but no one knew what team he would end up with.
Shattenkirk and Ovechkin stand together.
Original Photo Courtesy of usatoday.com
The Capitals were the lucky team to end up with this elite defenseman, but they did pay a steep price which included their 2017 1st round draft pick and their 2019 2nd round pick. Washington also gave up two young prospect players in order to finish the trade for Shattenkirk.
The second biggest trade, and probably one of the most surprising trades happened before March 1st, the Los Angeles Kings acquired goalie Ben Bishop. If this trade happened earlier in the year it would have made sense because the Kings had lost starting goalie Jonathan Quick to injury. This trade happened on February 26th, just days after Quick returned to the lineup for the Kings. 
Jonathon Quick
Photo Courtesy of frozenroyalty.net
Now the Kings have two goalies whom are both considered elite, starting goalies. Coming into the offseason, the Kings now need to make the decision on which is considered the future of their team. Both goalies are around the same age, Quick 31, Bishop 30, making their age a small factor of the decision. 
The Kings also gave up their backup goalie Peter Budaj, young defenseman Erik Cernak and two picks in the upcoming draft.
The Kings also made another move on March 1st when they went out and acquired veteran forward Jerome Iginla. This trade was an attempt to add some leadership and goal scoring to their low scoring offense. Iginla may be 39 years old, but he is still an impact player who can create offense from what would look like a broken play.
Iginla is a positive player to add to any team who will be able to fit the leadership role.
Iginla is ready to play for the Kings and is ready to try to get LA into a playoff spot and try to end his career with a Stanley Cup. The Kings were able to get Iginla for a 4th round pick in 2018, which is an okay deal because he is a good player, but this season could very well be his last.
One of the teams that made a splash on March 1st was the Montreal Canadiens. The Canadiens are one of the top teams in the NHL, but they lacked the size and physicality of a highly competitive playoff team. They went out and traded for agitator Steve Ott from Detroit, and big power forward Dwight King.
General Manager, Marc Bergevin, enjoyed Deadline Day.

These players will be effective for the Canadiens when playoff time comes around. They can play the physical side of the game, while having the ability to produce points as 4th line players. Montreal only gave up their 4th and 6th round draft picks in 2017 to acquire these two players.
Personally, Montreal is the team that won on Deadline Day because they were able to make themselves a bigger, stronger team. They already had the talent to win games, but now when it comes to the highly physical playoff games, Montreal will be a feared team with the big bodies they acquired.
Canadians Win
Photo Courtesy of nhl.nbcsports.com




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